The Lotus Flower

Journey into the Moment

Compare & Despair.

My monkey mind and my ego love to compare. Often I end up on the short end of the stick when it comes to comparisons. Oh, don’t get me wrong I have not achieved saint-hood just yet and I sometimes do compare myself to others in order to feel better about myself and even to feel superior. However, I do experience the low end of comparison more often than not.

There will also be people that appear more handsome, wealthy, smarter and talented than I am. So I cannot rest my self-esteem on the notion of being the best at anything! I am learning that accomplishments are a poor foundation upon which to build self-esteem.

We live in a culture that applauds wealth and outward success. While those things are not bad in and of themselves they are not the key to inner peace and contentment. Many wealthy people are clinically depressed and suffer from addictions or commit suicide.

We also judge on the surface. We may never know the daily struggles the people we compare ourselves with have in every day life.

I think the first step out of this trap of compare and despair is to have compassion for yourself. Unconditional total acceptance and compassion for yourself. That is where the work and the journey begins. I will speak more on that next week.


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