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Spiritual Blog…the Return!!!

autumn-park-path-leaf-house-tree-forest-leaves-sky-natureI have not posted in this Blog for TWO YEARS! I have decided that on Wednesday of each week I will make a blog post on various topics relating to spirituality, Buddhism, 12-step recovery, mental health recovery and religion in general.

Today I leave you with a poem I have written.

Another Way
Where is the light, when darkness falls?
Whence goes the night when daylight comes to call?
Why do anger, hate and fear makes us so small?
Why doesn’t love truly conquer all?
Petty jealousies escape, egos clashing all around.
Understanding and empathy are nowhere to be found.
Why do we not utter not a sound,
When injustice triumphs and tragedies abound?
Consumed by fire we walk a wire between right and wrong.
Right becomes righteousness, we can’t hear the melody of the song.
Friends become enemies and around our hearts lines are drawn.
Bridges become walls and and we judge where everyone else belongs.
But we have forgotten our home and we have lost our way.
The path was well worn but covered now by the scars of the day.
Open your eyes and see your brother or sister while they pray.
Be the answer they long for and show them that there is another way.




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