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Too Much Hate in the World

It is the Christmas season and it is a time where we celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. He was a man who taught a message that was basically one of Love and Compassion. I am not one to harp on scripture nor am I a Bible thumper by any stretch of the imagination. …

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Spiritual Blog…the Return!!!

I have not posted in this Blog for TWO YEARS! I have decided that on Wednesday of each week I will make a blog post on various topics relating to spirituality, Buddhism, 12-step recovery, mental health recovery and religion in general. Today I leave you with a poem I have written. Another Way Where is …

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I feel it is time to resurrect this blog…pun intended. I will post once a week, every Wednesday, and I will share my spiritual practices and beliefs and talk about issues around mental health and 12-step recovery. I hope, dear reader, that you will benefit from this blog but my main purpose is to use …

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What is Success?

I have not been using this blog lately and I have decided to kick-start it once again. On Facebook I get posts by people who¬†are motivational speakers. They often talk about positive attitudes and affirmations to achieve success. I have read the book “The Secret” and other things that speak of creating your life the …

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Wisdom for Today

Although I am practicing mindfulness and meditation I also want to include wisdom from the 12 step programs I am involved with. So today as I was doing some readings this one spoke to me and I wanted to share it. Let Me not be so preoccupied with thoughts of my grievances and troubles that …

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Why Buddhism?

I was raised Catholic and for many years I took my Catholicism very seriously. I also had the fortune of being born with a predisposition toward anxiety and depression. There is a genetic link and these do run in my family. I used to blame my alcoholic upbringing for these disorders but I have come …

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Welcome readers!

Welcome to my blog! I am a student of Zen Buddhism. I am not completely new to Buddhism I have dipped my toe into it for years. However, I have decided to commit myself to the study and disciplines of the Zen tradition. I will go into the reasons why in my next post. This …

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